Blessings Often Arrive in an Uncommon Way

Larry-Lillian-BurnsLarry and Lillian Burns are extremely grateful as they have recently experienced some uncommon and unexpected blessings.

Larry who is 60 years old has spent his entire life in Bennettsville, SC. He has always worked long, hard hours for a sand and gravel company and enjoyed fishing in his spare time. Last year, however, he lost his job and his health insurance benefits.

As fate would have it, this summer as Larry was driving his car, he blacked out and woke up with his car wrecked into a pecan tree. While he didn't think he was hurt, the medical responder talked him into being checked at the hospital. A CT scan indicated that he would need to see a specialist at McLeod. It was determined that Larry had a cancerous mass on his tonsils.

Larry's wife, Lillian, shares that her first response was "Oh Lord, we don't have insurance. What are we going to do?"

Larry and Lillian were referred to the McLeod Cancer Clinic where they were assured that his outpatient cancer care would be covered. Lillian said she felt as if she were in a dream and that her prayers had been answered.

"By not having to worry about financial problems, we have been able to concentrate on Larry's care as he is undergoing chemotherapy." He is able to receive help from two programs funded by donors to the McLeod Foundation: transportation assistance for treatments through the L.I.F.T. Program and pain medications through the Pharmacological Assistance Program.

"God picks out special people to help other people. You don't find that everyday; that is so rare," shares Lillian.

Larry and Lillian know that their unusual blessing arrived with a timely car accident and generous gifts from special people who support the McLeod Foundation. And, on a good day, you will find them "fishin a creek" near Bennettsville.



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