McLeod Resource Center Offers a December Special on 
Medela Quick Clean Wipes

The McLeod Resource Center is now offering monthly sales with select items at ten percent off. 

The featured discount item for December is Medela Quick Clean Wipes.  These wipes are a great tool for safely and effectively cleaning breastpumps, breastshields and all pumping accessories when soap and water are inaccessible as well as changing tables, toys, and cribs. 

One package contains 24 unscented wipes that are alcohol and bleach free. For usage directions, p...

Successful Smoking Cessation by Dr. Marwan Elya, McLeod Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates

Lung cancer is the major cause of cancer deaths in the United States, primarily because of exposure to cigarette smoke.

Smoking tobacco products, mainly cigarettes, is the most important risk factor for the development of lung cancer. The cumulative lung cancer risk among heavy smokers may be as high as 30 percent, and increases with both the number of cigarettes smoked per day as well as the lifetime duration of smoking. Other factors that increase the likelihood of developing lung c...

Dr. Abdel Jalil Presents at ACG Annual Scientific Meeting

Dr. Ala Abdel Jalil, a Hospitalist with McLeod Regional Medical Center, presented four abstracts to the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) in San Diego, California, this month. The conference was held October 11 through 16, 2013, at the San Diego Convention Center. Dr. Abdel Jalil presented his abstracts on Sunday, October 13, Monday, October 14, and Tuesday, October 15. Two of Dr. Abdel Jalil's abstracts are related to an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholang...

McLeod Resource Center Offers a September Special on Medela Pump and Save Freezer Bags

The McLeod Resource Center is now offering monthly sales with select items at ten percent off. The featured discount item for September is Medela Pump and Save Freezer Bags.

Medela Pump and Save Freezer Bags offer an easy and convenient way to store breastmilk. These bags are designed to connect directly to your Medela breastpump so that you can pump into the bag and then store it in your freezer for later use.

One package contains twenty bags, which can each hold a maximum of...

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