Your Legacy Gift Can Provide for Cancer Patients in the Future By Dr. Rajesh Bajaj, Chairman, McLeod Cancer Committee

My wife, Dr. Anu Chaudhry, who practices obstetrics and gynecology at McLeod, and I came to Florence 17 years ago. Having completed our residencies and fellowships in New York City, we spent three years working in the underserved areas of the Appalachian in Kentucky. Following this service, we considered a number of different opportunities but ultimately decided to move to Florence because of its impressive medical facilities and its family-friendly environment.

With my practice in on...

"McLeod Hospice's Camp Jessie's Kids camper, Steven Sanders, Jr., shares his thoughts about attending camp."

What do you like about Camp Jessie's Kids?

"Popping balloons and being with children who are sad, too."

 What is this camp for?

"To help people that are sad because something happened to someone they love."

 What did you learn?

"That it is okay to cry. I feel better when I go."

Camp Jessie’s Kids, a day camp for children who have suffered the loss of someone they care deeply about (for example, a special fam...

Jeannette Glenn Uses Estate Planning to "Give Forward" to Cancer Patients and Their Families

When Jeannette Glenn began her career at McLeod in 1966, a patient diagnosed with early-stage cancer was routinely sent to the Medical University of South Carolina or Duke for their care. Families were uprooted and carried a heavy financial burden to be with their loved ones.

When McLeod Oncologist Dr. Michael Pavy arrived in Florence in the early 1980s, Jeannette had the honor to work with him to plan the initial curriculum to train nurses and staff in caring for a cancer patient.

A letter from Dr. Michael Pavy on including the McLeod Cancer Center in your estate plans

(10/08/12) - Legacy Gifts Support Health Care for the FutureWhy You Should Consider the McLeod Cancer Center in Your Estate PlanningBy Dr. Michael Pavy

Every day at McLeod Regional Medical Center, cancer patients benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of a team of physicians and staff members who are dedicated to providing care that includes innovative treatments and therapies. The resources needed for this advanced level of care are available because of the continued comm...

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