• Neurology

McLeod Neurology Seacoast
3980 Highway 9 East
Suite 340
Little River, SC 29566

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Leslie Pittman,
Leslie Pittman,

    Hometown: Brunswick, GA

    Education: Mercer University School of Medicine, MD, 2013
    Georgia College and State Unviersity, BS

    Hobbies and Interests:  Spending time with family, swimming, sailing, sculpting and drawing.

    Why I chose McLeod: "Two reasons: I loved the opportunity for variety that was available in an unopposed family medicine residency, and I enjoyed the people that I met on my first visit to Florence - residents, attendings, and everyone.  The first impression has proven true, and I get to see patients of all ages with all conditions while working with people I like and respect."

    • Family Medicine

    McLeod Urgent Care Darlington
    964 Lochend Drive
    Darlington, SC 29532

    Phone: 843-777-6890

    LINDA P. RUSSELL - Florence,
    LINDA P. RUSSELL - Florence,

      Mrs. Russell is a Director with Webster Rogers Financial Advisors, LLC. She joined the McLeod Foundation Board as a Trustee in 2013. She is a McLeod Fellow and serves on the Grants Committee, Finance and Investment Committee, and Development Committee. Her hobbies include travel, opera, reading, theater, and community philanthropy.


        McLeod Dillon Hospitalist
        301 E. Jackson Street
        Dillon, SC 29536

        Phone: 843-487-1571
        Fax: 843-487-1585

        Lindsey Johnson,
        Lindsey Johnson,

          Education: Medical University of South Carolina, MD 2014

          Hometown: North Augusta, South Carolina

          Hobbies and interests: Cooking, scrapbooking, reading and playing the guitar

          Why I chose McLeod: The McLeod Family Medicine Program combines the learning experiences of a big academic center with the one-on-one teaching experiences of a small hospital. After one month on the inpatient service, I am just amazed how comfortable the other Residents and myself are with treating patients. The attendings and upper level Residents are so knowledgeable. I learn so much every day. The McLeod Family Medicine program is a special one and I would make the decision to train here again and again.

          • Anesthesiology

          Medical Anesthesiology Consultants
          555 East Cheves Street
          Florence, SC 29506

          Phone: 843-777-8752
          Fax: 843-777-8705

          Lisa Lowther,
          Lisa Lowther,

            Education: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, DO, 2014

            Hometown: Salem, Oregon

            Hobbies and interests: Classical singing, flower gardening, learning to cook new cuisines, wine testing, renewing my spirit at the beach.

            Why I chose McLeod: I am an Oregonian who moved to South Carolina in 2006. After the initial culture shock (there were not nearly as many office choices then!) the south grew on me. It has become my home. I worked as a physician assistant in Family and Emergency Medicine for more than a decade before returning to medical school to complete my education. I enjoyed the broad spectrum of training opportunities at McLeod and felt valued here as a non-traditional medical student and future Resident. All of the Residents were happy, something I did not witness at many other programs. The Hospital System is all inclusive, constantly updating with endless opportunities to be of service after Residency Graduation. The facilities are beautiful and well maintained. It helped that I had lived here in Florence previously, but ultimately I chose McLeod because I felt at home here.

            LIZ PARRISH, PTA
            LIZ PARRISH, PTA

              Liz is a 1998 graduate of Broward Community College. She has a varied professional clinical background in orthopedics, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, geriatrics, amputees, work related injuries, spinal cord, stroke patients, Kinesio Tape, and myofascial tissue release. Liz has been a member of the McLeod Sports Medicine team since 2008.

              LLEWELLYN A. ROWE, MD
              LLEWELLYN A. ROWE, MD
              • Cardiology

              Advanced Cardiology Consultants
              1706 Second Loop Road
              Florence, SC 29502

              Phone: (843) 629 - 8084
              Fax: (843) 629 - 8684

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