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McLeod Nurses Palmetto Gold Award is a Statewide Nursing Recognition Program

McLeod Health - Quality Safety Palmetto Gold Award

McLeod 2012 Palmetto Gold Recipients
Standing Left to Right: Wanda Campagnari, Patricia Taylor, Renee Kennedy, Sharon McLain, Mary Adams, Ashley Watford. Seated Left to Right: Kathy Jenkins, Helen Hokanson, Shannon Moore, Tim Smoak.

The Palmetto Gold Award is a program that was started by various nursing organizations throughout South Carolina as a platform to recognize nursing, and support nursing education with scholarship funds.

Each year, employers from across a wide variety of South Carolina health care settings nominate outstanding nurses from their organizations to be considered as one of the 100 nurses honored with this prestigious award. The nominators are asked to provide evidence of how the nominee demonstrated excellence to the profession by addressing four areas of criteria. Those areas include: promoting and advancing of the profession of nursing; displaying of caring and commitment to patients, families, and colleagues; demonstrating leadership by assisting others to grow and develop; and contributing to the overall outcomes in the practice.

To select the 100 RNs, a team of twelve nurses from across the state participate in a blind review process. The nominees are not referred to by name or place of employment on the nomination sections seen by the judges so they are unaware of who they are or for which institution they work.

The annual recipients of the Palmetto Gold Award are recognized at the Palmetto Gold Gala during the month of April in Columbia.

With the 2012 recipients, McLeod has the honor of having more than 100 grand total winners in a program that recognizes 100 nurses annually.

2013 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Shannon Brown - Coronary Care Unit
Ester Thomas - Renal
Andrew McNeil - Surgical Services
Veronica Smith - Infusion Services

McLeod Dillon
Crystal Hodge - Intensive Care Unit
Pamela Salmon - Obstetrical
Christiana Hunt - Surgical Services

2012 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Renee Kennedy - Operational Effectiveness
Patricia Taylor - Trauma Surgical Care Unit
Shannon Moore - Coronary Care Unit
Helen Hokanson - Obstetrical Outreach
Wanda Campagnari - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Kathy Jenkins - Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

McLeod Darlington
Ashley Owen Watford - Patient Care Supervisor
Timothy Smoak - Behavioral Health

McLeod Dillon
Sharon McLain - Surgical Services
Mary Adams - Women's & Children's Services

2011 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Michelle Dore - Infection Control
Linda Pate - Director Children's Hospital & PICU
Gayden Tyler - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Annetta Hammond - Coronary Care Unit
Cherry Drulis - Director Neurology & Stroke Unit

McLeod Darlington
Kimberly Thomas - Skilled Care Unit & Medical Surgical Unit

McLeod Dillon
Teresa Sapp - Director Critical Care Services

2010 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Hilary Dolford - Hospice
Vicky Thorton - Coronary Care Unit
Carrie Houshour - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Debbie Youmans - Pediatrics

McLeod Darlington
Deborah Stone - Wound Care

McLeod Dillon
Cindy Byrd - Director Medical Surgical and Pediatrics
Linda Sue Adams - Nurse Practitioner with Hospitalists
Alexia McCoy - Medical Surgical Unit

2009 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Mary Allred - Medical-Surgical Unit
Carnella Hikson - Cardiovascular Day Hospital
Robert Lewis - HeartReach
Heather Matthews - Renal Nursing Unit
Melody McCutcheon - Coronary Care Unit
Cathy Stokes - Clinical Effectiveness
Jacqueline Tonsor - Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

McLeod Darlington
Barbara Newby - Behavioral Health Services
Nancy Vivan - Surgical Services

McLeod Dillon
Tracey Campbell - Women's Services
Beverly Sandifer - Cardiac Rehabilitation

2008 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Phyliss Blackmon - Wound Care Team
Amy Edmund - Coronary Care Unit
Wendy Hatchell - Coronary Care Unit
Shannon Hudson - Children's Hospital
Nora Jenkins - Hospice

McLeod Darlington
Virginia Hardee - Director of Nursing Services

McLeod Dillon
Joan Ervin - Clinical Effectiveness

2007 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Scott Adams - HeartReach
Trena Addison - Orthopedics
Rhonda Broom - Hospice
Barbara Casper - Coronary Care Unit
Kelley Cassady - Emergency Department
Kay Dewitt - Labor & Delivery
Jeanie Elmore - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Teresa Ervin - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Charmeon Hines - Neuroscience
Stacie Johnson - Trauma Surgical Care Unit
Eleanor Jordan - Radiology
Brayboy Lee - Emergency Department
Roberta Mingo - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Michelle Poston - Coronary Care Unit
Hart Smith - Associate Vice President of Patient Services
Paige Williams - Labor & Delivery

McLeod Dillon
Betty Jo Barnes - House Supervisor
Nancy Barnes - Associate Administrator-Patient Services
Patricia Jones - Obstetrics
Tiffany Mille -  Cardiac Rehabilitation

2006 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Patsy Andrews - Pediatric Care Manager, McLeod Home Health
Lynn Brown-Bulloch - Administrator, McLeod Home Health
Joyce Campbell - Orthopedic Unit
Cissy Deas - Wound Ostomy Care Nurse
Nancy Cole - Patient Care Supervisor, Emergency Department
Diane Howell - Trauma Coordinator, Emergency Department
Craig Powell - HeartReach
Debra Lewis - Coronary Care Unit
Linda Smiley - Coronary Care Unit
Sandra Stephenson - Director of Practice Support, McLeod Home Health

2005 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Tony Derrick, - Director Emergency Department
Catherine Godwin - Director Renal Nursing Unit
Martha Griebel - Coronary Care Unit
Mary Lynn Kleinknecht - Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
Jeannie Thompson - Women & Children's Services
Marcia Wilds - Neurological Nursing Unit
Vicky Zelenka - Clinical Effectiveness

2004 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Larry Adams - Staff Nurse
Kay Adams - Clinical Nurse Specialist/ Nurse Educator
Kim Anderson - Patient Care Supervisor
Judy Bibbo - Associate Vice President Patient Services
Barbara Brooks - Senior Practice Development Instructor
Sabrina Capell - Director Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Transport
Mary Giles - Staff Nurse
Pat Jarvis Godbold - Administrator of McLeod Behavioral Health Services
Linda Grasso - Staff Nurse Pediatrics
Trish Handley - Director Coronary Care Unit
Daphne Heffler - Associate Vice President of Patient Services
Marilyn Henderson - Diabetes Coordinator
Chireen H. Hyler - Staff Nurse
Dot Johnson - Patient Representative
Jennifer Johnson - Staff Nurse Pediatrics
Craig Larrimore - Radiology Nurse/Special Procedures Supervisor
Kelly Lawson - Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mary Lou Martin - Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator
Penny Overby - Staff Nurse & Nursing Instructor for Florence Darlington Technical College
Kelley Prevatte - Director Medical-Surgical Unit
Barbara Pritchard - Patient Care Supervisor Pediatrics
Sarah Roland - Staff Nurse Pediatric Critical Care
Cheryl Snipes - Patient Care Supervisor
Bonnie Wiggins - Staff Nurse Educator, Trauma Surgical Care Unit

2003 Palmetto Gold Awards

McLeod Regional Medical Center
Joan Coleman - Cardiovascular/Cardiology Care Manager
Yvonne Davis - Patient Care Supervisor, Stroke Unit
Leanne Huminski - Director Nursing Support Services
Destiny Pattillo - Director Medical-Surgical Unit


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